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Piazza Navona Restaurants

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Piazza Navona and Campo de' Fiori Restaurants

Piazza Navona and Campo de' Fiori are full of life till late in the night. People come here to start the evening in one of the many restaurants or trattorias and than in the variety of pubs, bars and clubs of the area. A typical walk we recommend together with some good bars/pubs is the following: Via Giuseppe Zanardelli (Jazz Cafè) - via della Pace (Bar della Pace) - via del Governo Vecchio (Fluid)  - Piazza Navona (just the square) - Corso Vittorio Emanuele (only crossing) - Piazza Campo de' Fiori (Several wine bars and pubs directly on the square as Drunken Ship - mainly frequented by americans - or La Vineria the oldest-running wine bar in the square where Romans go to chat and plan the evening ahead by drinking good and cheap wines and where is very difficult to find a table available outside after 7.00 pm for an aperitif )


where to drink in campo de fiori
Ristoranti a Trastevere 
Leonhouses holiday apartments in Rome  as  Campo de Fiori Farnese apartment or Campo de Fiori Acetari and more in general the ones located also in Prati and Vatican districts are a few minutes walk from Piazza Navona  Campo de' Fiori, and Pantheon.

Trattoria DAR PALLARO  Largo del Pallaro, 15 (behind Piazza Campo de’ Fiori).

Typical Roman trattoria with familiar management well known to romans and a little bit less to tourists. Just Two rooms and some tables outside in largo del Pallaro, set menu and good price (25€). Portions are generous and the atmosphere is really familiar. Carbonara or Bucatini all’Amatriciana and or Carciofi alla Romana are the best things to taste. At the end of the meal is served tangerine juice.

Ristorante - PIZZERIA CORALLO Via del Corallo, 10/11

Piazza Navona accommodation and where to drinkThis restaurant-pizzeria is located in one of the alleys full of Pubs and Bars between via del Governo Vecchio  and Piazza Navona. This place is bigger than Pallaro also if there are only two rooms inside and a few tables outside as well. We suggest to eat a typical roman thin Pizza (15-20€) here and than walk in the centre to drink something more if wished.


LE COPPELLE -  Piazza delle Coppelle, 52

Especially during the spring Le Coppelle is very weLe coppelle rome apritif and where to go in rome in the nightll known for the aperitifs after 6.00 pm. The charm of the square Le Coppelle is unique and it is possible to choose Ancient Rome, visit rome and tips about rione eustachioamong  more than 40 different cocktails and snacks served at the tables outside in the square: mojito, ginger, champagne, classic cocktails and spritz! Piazza le Coppelle is behind Piazza Navona and Pantheon. Nearby if still early in the afternoon do not miss the Chiesa di Sant’Agostino which hosts one wonderful Caravaggio’s painting (from the entrance to the left): La Madonna dei Pellegrini


TAVERNA LUCIFERO Campo de Fiori Via dei Cappellari

Not suitable for the summer, that's for sure ... but the food is indeed very good in every period of the year here. The restaurant is a sort of "fonduteria" with homemade dishes and some good Piemonte wines (region in the northwestern corner of Italy very well known for both reds and whites).
To eat here we recommend to book before since there is only a small room with a few tables.

OSTERIA AR GALLETTO - Piazza Farnese 102

Situated in one of Rome's stateliest piazzas, and just off one of it's trendiest (Campo de Fiori), and yet retaining the feel of a provincial trattoria, specializing in a traditional Roman cookery with a homely touch. Good prices too.
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