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Trastevere Restaurants

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Restaurants in Rome Trastevere district

Trastevere is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Rome now become very well known for its restaurants, pubs, pizzerias and roman trattorias. This charm district that never sleeps offers unique nightlife and cool lifestyle being anyway  a very safe area of Rome. The only remark regards pickpockets when the area is very crowded. In Rome Trastevere there are really so many good places to eat and drink it could take  one week to only taste the best ones. We really suggest to visit its small alleys during a warm evening (May-October is surely the best period for this kind of walks). Select one of our holiday apartments and/or bed and breakfast then print this post and bring it with you during your next vacation in Rome.
Leonhouses holiday apartments in Rome as Campo de’ Fiori and Trastevere rentals (by definition) are the nearest ones to this district, but also the areas of Vatican, Castel Sant’Angelo and Testaccio are only a few minutes away from here. To select an apartment in the area nearby could be a cheaper solution than Trastevere itself and could allow anyway a very good access to this ditrict that is famous for many things but of course not for its stillness. To get more information about the best locations nearby Trastevere or to see our current offers in the area do not hesitate to immediately contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Holiday apartments for rent in Rome Trastevere Ristoranti a Trastevere
AI BOZZI - Piazza Giuditta Tavani Arcuati 107,Roma (Price: 35-40€)
This restaurant is in the heart of Trastevere and attracts every evening plenty of tourists and romans.Giovanni, the owner, is a young Calabrian who manages the restaurant with great professionalism and sympathy, aided by his wife and a couple of good waiters, courteous and always with the uniforms perfectly in order; so once there just sit down and wait for the suggestions of the waiters.
Active Image Outside the reasturants there is a large covered area, while inside it is divided in four rooms decorated with very irregular walls (hence the name Bozzi that means literally lumpy - knotty).  To taste, without any doubt: Surely you can not miss paccheri with crab or scialatielli with clams and mushrooms, or fettuccine with artichokes and curled octopus or tagliata (with mushrooms and balsamic vinegar) . Try a very good ricottina as starter always accompanied by a slice of ham. In terms of wine two alternatives: a bottle of house wine (red of Castelli an area near Roma very well known for wine) and/or very good white wines as the Greco di Tufo or Fiano di Avellino coming from the sunny Campania region immediately below Lazio.  

TAVERNA TRILUSSA - via del Politeama 23/25 ROMA (Price 45-50€) Historic place located in the heart of Trastevere la Taverna Trilussa is one of the most famous Roman restaurants.Taverna is actually only the name linked to the traditions of this restaurant where the environment is more formal than the one expected  and the prices are quite high. It takes its name from the famous Roman poet Trilussa (as the square nearby) and its strengths are local dishes, heritage of traditional Roman cuisine and Lazio: pumpkin flowers, the crostini with artichoke, homemade ricotta, rigatoni all'amatriciana (you can  also opt for the variant Gricia, without tomato) and the equally canonical but excellent spaghetti alla carbonara. Many dishes are served directly in the pot cooking. The same goes for the latter as la coda alla vaccinara, l'abbacchio allo scottadito, the straccetti (ai funghi porcini or grana cheese and rucola). Portions are good and there is also an excellent choice of wines.

CAFE BIBLI - via dei Fienaroli 28 - Roma Cafè and bookstore full of charm that only has a small selection of English books, but it does have internet access and an helpful bulletin board with many ads in English for those looking for work or long-term accommodation in Rome , apartments in the area,etc. Good food too in the annexed bar-cafe and some interesting events of Jazz Music or readings during the afternoon or the eveining.

DA LUCIA - Vicolo del Mettonate 2 - Roma Nice and old Roman Trattoria that is the best place for outdoor dining in Trastevere. Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe is the great speciality here, but get there early for a table outside in the summer or spring.

POPI POPI - Via delle fratte di Trastevere, 45 - 00153 This Restaurant-Pizzeria is located near Piazza S. Callisto at 2 minutes walk from Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere. Outside there are only a few tables in the square of the convent dei SS. Quaranta, while inside Popi Popi is really one of the biggest restaurants of Trastevere. It is possible to eat both crispy, thin and real roman brick oven pizza or traditional roman dishes as carciofi alla giudia or carbonara. Finally the menu is enough cheap : Pizza and Beer 12-15€, roman dishes and good wine 30€.

DAR POETA - Vicolo del Bologna, 45 00153 Roma - This is one of the most famous pizzerias of the whole Trastevere district. It is always open and it often happens to wait till 1 hour and over to seat. They accept a limited number of bookings and then you have to give your name at the entrance to be included in the long waiting list. There are only a few and small tables outside and also inside the room is not so much. Let's say it is easy to eat together with other people as the distance among tables is irrilevant, but this is very common in almost the little pizzerias of Trastevere. The menu includes an amazing variety of bruschettas - garlic toasted bread -  (From gorgonzola and honey to ciauscolo and stracchino) and pizzas. On the menu you can also read that DAR POETA's brick oven pizza is not roman (thin and crispy) neither from naples (soft and high) but it's something in the middle  between the two and is cooked from 1995 by following the same traditional DAR POETA recipe. The service is superficial but the price is enough cheap (15 EUR for a Draught Beer Poretti - very good - , Bruschetta and Pizza).

DA AUGUSTO - Piazza de Renzi 15,  00153 Roma (Price 18-20€) Since 1954 this small and typical trattoria mantains its charm and typical roman traditions. Forget credit card if you decide to come here  (only cash) and expect usually 30-60 minutes of queue expecially during the week-end. Such a long wait it is compensated by one of the best roman typical food you can find in the whole Rome. As first dishes you can basically choose among: rigatoni alla amatriciana, al ragù, cacio e pepe or simple with tomato and basilico. On Monday,Wednesday,Friday and Saturday there are also delicious Ravioli, while thursday is dedicated to the Gnocchi alla romana. Also meat is cooked and served following the traditions of Rome: pollo alla romana, ossobuco, brasato, straccetti con rucola are only some of the dishes  it is possible to try after pasta. 

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