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How to visit Rome in a few days

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A Visit of Rome in 3-4 days: how is that possible?

- Rome is Rome - while Roman people say this sentence it seems they fill the heart of admiration. Their love for the eternal city is unconditional and they really know how to live and visit Rome more than guides or websites. For tourists it would be a real stroke of fortune forge a friendship with Roman of “seven generations” ( it is wll known in Rome that a real roman should come from at least 7 generations in the city) to get  straight to the best things to see and most of all how to visit Rome in a few days.

Here below we have then tried to sum up how to visit Rome having only a few days. The most important attractions, monuments and museums  have been listed for a visitor coming for the first time in Rome.
First of all  we certainly recommend to stay in Rome minimum 3-4 days. This truly is the shortest period needed to see this wonderful city and hits long history. The first things to visit in Rome are indeed a mix among the ancient roman city (Colosseum,Pantheon), the Vatican City representing the heart of Catholicism (SaintPeter, Vatican Museums) and the baroque Fontana de Trevi which can be associated to another artistic period very important for Rome.

A visit to the Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain is for sure the first place to visit in Rome; tradition wants that who throws the coin in the water will come back to Rome. The best way to catch the atmosphere of this magic fountain is to go late in the night 2-3 am and sit there a few minutes listening to the water.

Galleria Borghese

How to book in advance? This is a wonderful museum containing many masterpieces as Caravaggio’s paintings (exactly 6 paintings collected by Scipione Borghese) and Antonio Canova’s sculptures (Apollo e Dafne, Paolina Borghese,..). If you intend to visit this museum do not forget to book your visit online , it is mandatory to enter.


Grandiose monument considered a masterpiece of Roman architecture. It is one of the best preserved ancient monuments in the world. It was built by the consul Agrippa in 27 BC and its good conditions are due to the transformation in the church [St. Maria ad Martyres, 605 - 609 AD], in the decisive moment of transition between Pagan and Christian ages. Today the Pantheon contains the tombs of the painter Raphael, Vittorio Emanuele II, Umberto I and Margherita di Savoia. Barely open in the night, the best moment of the day to visit the Pantheon is probably the late afternoon.

How to avoid the line at Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums, within the Vatican City, are without any doubt considered one of the most important artistic treasures in the world, both for the beauty of the buildings and for the richness of the collections contained. It is warmly recommended to get there early in the morning (7.00-7.30 am) in order to avoid immense lines. Last Sunday of each month the entrance at Vatican Museums is free.

How to visit Colosseum and Roman Forum?

It does not need any introduction: the Colosseum is the largest and most impressive Roman amphitheatre in the world but also the most famous monument of Rome known as the "Colosseum". Started by the imperator Vespasiano was inaugurated by his son Tito in 80 AD. Of course if you have time do not miss the Roman Forum: one of the entrances is located just in front of the Colosseum. Moreover there is a unique ticket which allows to visit Colosseum-Palatino-Roman Forum.

Saint Peter

The impressive square with the colonnade of Bernini surround the largest church of Christendom, dominated by the magnificent dome of Michelangelo. The Basilica was built by Michelangelo, Giacomo della Porta and Domenico Fontana during the sixteenth century. It stands on the foundations of a Christian church that tradition considers the tomb of S. Peter. See here Bernini's fountain in the night.

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